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Multi Sleep

Multi Sleep

Back positioner with ergonomic head pillow

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Because of many hours of sleeping on the back and growing fast at the same time, your baby can develop the flat head syndrome. doomoo’s Multi Sleep back positioner with ergonomic head pillow helps to prevent that.



Sleeping safe & sound

Multi Sleep’s ergonomic pillow homogeneously distributes pressure around baby’s head to make sure baby sleeps on its back in a qualitative way.
The side rolls are adjustable to baby’s little body and the ergonomic pillow has the perfect ventilation. The cushion is removable too, so you can take it along with you. The Multi Sleep is fit for all kinds of prams, cribs, cots and beds, so your baby grows in a healthy way, everywhere.
You can use Multi Sleep from birth onwards up until 3 to 4 months and it’s compatible with Rest Easy Small & Large

How to use Multi Sleep:

Place Multi Sleep into the babybed. Position your baby, with its head on top of the ergonomic pillow. The back of your baby’s head fits perfectly into the little hole in the pillow.

Attach the side position rolls onto the Multi Sleep, close to your baby’s body and underneath its arms. Make sure the side rolls are securely attached.

Good night!

The doomoo basics positioner should not be used when baby is able to turn independently


Washable at 30°C
No tumble dry


Rolls, cover and pad: 20% polyester, 80% nylon
Polyurethane foam
Dimension : 32,5 X 64 cm


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  • Prevent flathead

    Ergonomic pillow to prevent the risk of the flat head syndrome

  • Breathable fabric

    Perfect ventilation and safe breathing for baby thanks to the 3D fabric

  • Adjustable side rolls

    The side rolls are adjustable to your baby’s morphology

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