Our promise

doomoo creates ultra soft and deliciously comfortable baby products that will make your life easier. We mix innovative materials with body-suited shapes and the softest fabrics on the market to guarantee top quality multi-functional equipment. Growing in comfort for both parents and children alike, that is doomoo’s goal.


doomoo creates products that last a lifetime. We make them practical, beautiful, refillable and multi-functional. We are constantly improving our circularity process and the materials we work with. Most of our products are manufactured close to us in a protected workshop in Belgium. If possible, we select materials from within the rest of Europe, such as our micropearls and our seeds.


Safety first! That’s why we use breathable 3D fabrics for the insides and upper parts of our products. Every product doomoo designs and produces is subjected to rigorous tests, carried out by international safety control institutions.

  • Organic cotton

    Most of our fabrics are made out of ultra soft oeko-tex certified organic cotton to offer the best care for your baby’s sensitive skin. Our prints are imaginative and based on natural themes.

  • Fiber filling

    The fiber filling offers you an intensive support during your pregnancy.

    ✔️ Very silent
    ✔️ Firm
    ✔️ Moldable
    ✔️ Soft

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  • Pearls

    The EPS pearls offer you a comfortable support.

    ✔️ Very silent
    ✔️ Thin (1.5 mm)
    ✔️ Moldable
    ✔️ The filled cushion is occasionally washable

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  • Micropearls

    The finest EPS micro-pearls offer you the ultimate support and comfort.

    ✔️ Very silent
    ✔️ Very thin (1 mm)
    ✔️ Moldable
    ✔️ The filled cushion is occasionally washable

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