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Buddy Cover Cloudy Kaki

Buddy Cover Cloudy Kaki

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Our products are designed to last. But sometimes you just want to change the look of your cushion, or have a new cover. No problem! doomoo is there.

This cover fits all doomoo Buddy pregnancy/nursing pillows. Our classic premium pillow.

Attention: Before choosing your cover, check which type of cushion you have. The BUDDY, SOFTY and COMFY BIG are similar, but their dimensions and characteristics are different.

Doomoo buddy is 180 cm (dimensions taken from the outside of the cushion when the cushion is positioned in a horseshoe shape). The buddy is made of bi-elastic material (stretches easily).




Cover: machine-washable at 30°C


95% organic cotton & 5% elastan


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The Buddy Cloudy Kaki is part of the Head in the Clouds collection. A soothing and calming collection that feels like a soft cloud for the whole family. Discover our Head in the Clouds collection and make your unique combinaison, according to your style.

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