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doomoo spooky is an illuminated soft toy that spreads a comforting glow to ease baby to sleep and in case of awakening.The soft toy lights up for 10 minutes with a simple touch of the head and automatically activates whenever baby cries.

The two components of this multipurpose toy are designed to be used separately, if so desired:
• The soft toy can tag along with baby on outings.
• Used on its own, the light module is a compact, practical night light with a smart design.


Product information


1. Insert the light module in the cuddly toy and close the zip well.
2. Activate the light module by pressing the cuddly toy’s head.
3. The light module will stay on for 10 minutes and will then go to stand-by.
4. When the baby cries, the light is activated again for 10 minutes.
5. Press the cuddly toy’s head again to switch off the light module.

The doomoo spooky has a rechargeable light module (mini-USB).


• The soft toy is machine washable at 30°C.
• Do not tumble dry.
• Clean the light module with a damp cloth.


Cuddle: 60% polyester & 40% cotton
Light module: Silicone & LED-light

Spooky Blue SP1
Spooky Pink SP2
Spooky Taupe SP3
Spooky Turquoise SP4