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doomoo snoogy consists of a soft toy cover and a small removable heating pad. This small pad, which is filled with rapeseed and lavender, can be heated in the microwave.
The rapeseed emits a comforting warmth, whilst the lavender emits a pleasant, soothing smell. When placed on baby’s tummy, doomoo snoogy helps to naturally relieve cramps or soothe discomfort related to colic. When placed in the baby bed, the soft toy emits a gentle warmth to help to relax and fall asleep.


Product information


Heat the doomoo snoogy in the microwave. Slowly heat the inner bag at 700 watts. Check it after 45 seconds, and if necessary heat for another 15 seconds until the desired temperature is reached.


• The soft toy is machine washable at 30°C.
• Do not tumble dry.
• Attention: The removable seed bag is not washable!
• Store the product in a cool and dry place.


Cuddle: 92% cotton & 8% polyester SY2-SY3-SY6-SY7

Cuddle: 100% organic cotton SY8-SY9-SY10

Filling: Rapeseed and lavender

Snoogy Pink SY2
Snoogy Taupe SY3
Snoogy yellow SY6
Snoogy Grey SY7
Snoogy Bear SY8
Snoogy Rainbow SY9
Snoogy Dog SY10