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During pregnancy the added weight of the baby and uncomfortable resting positions can lead – in many cases – to unceasing back pains.

The doomoo belly is specifically designed to support the pregnant woman.

Due to it’s ergonomic shape it molds itself into the pregant woman’s belly, supports the weight of the baby & restores the natural position of the spine.


Product information


  • offers optimal suport wherever needed during pregnancy
  • the elastic fabric & the softness of the moldable microbeads complement each other to achieve optimal comfort
  • as there are two comportments that are connected the pregnant woman can easily adjust comfort to her own preference
  • supports a healthy and good night sleep
  • the pillow relieves back muscles hence reducing back problems
  • compact travel size
  • after pregnancy the pillow offers a multitude of uses


The cushion is machine washable at 30°C.

Place it before in a wash bag for machine washing.

Tumble dryer : program at low temperature for delicate linen

Never dry the cushion with, or over an electric heat source.


Cover : 95% organic cotton, 5% elastane.

Filling : EPS Micropearls

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