This year, we created 5 mini-collections. Each mini collection has a different theme and is filled with prints which can nicely be mixed and matched. You will love their contemporary vibe!

Head in the Clouds

This collection embodies our promise to create a comfortable space for everyone, where they can connect with each other, and disconnect with everything else. The collection consists of dreamy prints and milky neutrals that create a calm, soothing vibe. With these we want to bring tranquility and imagination into your home. Feel free to just go with the flow into a fantastic cloud of thoughts. Those wondrous moments can lead to the most amazing thing.
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Dear Mother Earth,

An homage to all the beautiful things the earth has to offer. We know that while being pregnant or having a newborn, nothing beats the comfort of your own home. So, we designed a collection that lets you bring the outdoors inside! This collection is inspired by forests, dunes and the colors you see when out exploring. Can you already imagine your little one exploring and falling in love with the outdoors? For all the wonderful wild ones, go out and explore all that Mother Earth has created.
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Chase the Rainbow

At the end of the rainbow, there is no pot of gold. Instead, there lies a source full of imagination and the most creative ideas. Let’s dip our toes in it! Brushstrokes, zigzags, rainbows, bright colors, our “Chase the Rainbow” collection is built on the idea that the young ones have the most imaginary, unconstrained minds. Positivity, joy and creativity, there is so much we can learn from our little ones.
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In the Garden

For this collection we took a refreshing walk in the garden. Delicate flowers, velvety leaves and fresh blossoms are there for us to enjoy. Taking a walk in the garden means feeling the grass tickle between your toes, walking past trees and hear the leaves rustle in the wind. Feeling all reborn and at ease afterwards. We wanted you to bathe in this natural softness in your homes, while cocooning with your newborn baby.
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A Silver Lining

Life as a parent can be overwhelming at times. But remember that every cloud has a silver lining, always. The look your baby gives you while nursing or you watching them sit upright for the first time. The grey tones in this collection embody softness and classic designs. They will create a tranquil environment for you and your loved ones. This collection is all about being able to focus on what gives you joy in the comfort of your home.
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